Where We Get Our Funding

As a fund-raising organization, the Foundation collects money from a number of sources. First and foremost, we collect money from lawyer trust accounts.  This process is known as IOLTA and is mandated by the Vermont Supreme Court.

Every lawyer in private practice who is licensed in the state of Vermont must set up a client trust account at a local bank.  Any short-term interest generated by money held in these account is then collected by the bank and sent to us.

The amount of IOLTA funds that the Foundation receives can vary widely and depends upon a number of factors: interest rates, client activity, and the economy.  When the economy is bad and interest rates are low, so are IOLTA funds.  Unfortunately, such times are usually when there is the greatest need for legal services.

That is why the Foundation actively solicits funds from other sources and is always looking for your help.  Gifts, grants, donations, and bequests ensure that the Foundation can deliver the funding for which its grantees have come to rely.  Consider giving your support today in the form of a gift, bequest, or pledge

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