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Windsor/Orange Legal Assistance Project

When a Parent Needs Legal Help for an Adult Child

A lawyer’s help with parent/child legal guardianships can make all the difference.

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Lauren” petitioned the Windsor District Probate Court for guardianship of her adult son, “Henry.” Proposed wards such as Henry are entitled to attorney representation in involuntary guardianship cases.

The Court appointed an attorney from the Windsor/Orange Legal Assistance Project, which is funded by The Vermont Bar Foundation, to represent the young man.

The attorney met with Henry and carefully explained the guardianship process to him. She answered each of his questions about his rights as a ward, and the rights and responsibilities of his mother, the proposed guardian. By doing this, the attorney was able to allay Henry’s concerns about the process. Ultimately Henry and his mother agreed to modify the petition to create a voluntary guardianship.

Afterward, the grateful mother/guardian wrote:  “[The Legal Assistance Project Attorney] was wonderful in a very difficult situation and interacted with my son very gently and appropriately amidst all of his anxiety . . . thank you from both of us!”

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